Risk Warning

Terms and Conditions

The proposed products have been selected taking into account market conditions at a given moment. Investors acknowledge and agree that by their very nature, any investment in financial instruments is of a random nature and, therefore, any such investment constitutes a risky investment that is the sole responsibility of the investor.

The financial instruments covered by TradeMudra research are high-risk products that can fluctuate significantly and present a risk of capital loss.

These products are intended for experienced investors with specific knowledge, aware that the risk of loss can be up to the total amount invested or even exceed the initial investment. Before making any investment decision, investors should take note of the information in the “Risk Factor” section of the relevant product prospectus and contact their financial adviser to verify the suitability of the investment.

It is specified that the past performance of a financial product does not prejudge in any way its future performance.

It follows from the foregoing that TradeMudra liability can not be held directly or indirectly, particularly in the event of a financial loss, regardless of its amount.

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